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2021 Zoom! The Second Wave

by Tess Townsend & Marie-Jose Zuurbier

ZOOM! The Second Wave, by Tess Townsend & Marie-Jose Zuurbier


John,       Company Director, aka Fairy King (Michael Henderson)

Pascale,  Vice Chair, Foley Artist. (Jonathon Goodson)

Tristram,  Enthusiastic and flirtatious baker. Plays Noel Pratt, nice boyfriend to Sally Scraggend. (Michael Henderson)

Tamsin,    Shy vegan. Likes Tristram. Plays the rather common, Sally Scraggend. (Francesca Morris)

Giles,       Gruff toff husband of Cheryl. Plays Colonel, Sir Crumbly-Warmhearth who is very similar to himself. (Richard Stroud)

Cheryl,     Larger than life, highly critical wife of Giles. Plays genteel Lucy-Lu Slipps. (Anne-Marie Holloway)

Fatima,    Sporty, always “doing.” Plays Lady Christobel Crumbly-Warmhearth. (Jo McBrearty)

Serena,   Chair of Committee. Plays The Detective and Maud the Maid. (Els Tallett)

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