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2003 Allo Allo

"I've seen them stage lesser kknown plays ans raise a smile or two, but to take on a quality script from wrighters of the calibre of Croft & Lloyd is something quite different... I could of wept"

- Lavidia Pickwhistle, Leighton Buzzard Observer

The acting, the set, the direction. It was like nothing I've ever seen in a tgheatre. As a long-serving resident and supporter of the village, I can only say that Totternhoe does not deserve a drama group like this"

- Primrose Bale, Meeting Point Parish Magazine


"What a performance! Now this is what I call 'amateur' dramatics!"

- Hubert Tutt, Dunstable Gazette


"I've seen enough of this lot to know that if they offer you a comedy, what they'll give you is a farce. Thnis entire performance was laughable"

- Montague Jinx, Chiltern Radio


"In the West End they'll tell you that there's nothing like a good cemedy, but in Totternhoe, they'll actually prove it!"

Harbinger Gladly, 3 Counties Radio

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