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2021 Zoom! A Play for Lockdown

by Tess Townsend & Marie-Jose Zuurbier

ZOOM! A Play for Lockdown, by Tess Townsend & Marie-Jose Zuurbier

This short performance takes the format of a play-within-a-play, and we watch as the troupe, presided over by the patient John (aka Fairy King) undertake rehearsals for their play over Zoom. It’s a clever plot device, allowing the viewer a glimpse into the inner lives of the characters, whilst the play they’re rehearsing drives the plot. The characters we meet are caricatures of the different ways many of us have tried to cope with lockdown; there’s exercise-obsessed Fatima, Tristram the inspired baker, and Tams, who appears in varying levels of PPE as the play progresses. Plus, there are subtle digs at the petty rivalries within am-dram groups, which are very funny to watch. 


John (aka Fairy King, Company Director) - Michael Henderson

Tamsin (Sally Scraggend) - Jo McBrearty

Fatima (Lady Christobel Crumbly-Warmhearth) - Els Tallett

Serena (Maud the Maid & Detective, Committee Chair) - Julia Morrey

Giles (Colonel Sir Crumbly-Warmhearth) - Richard Stroud)

Pascal (Foley Artist SFX) - Jonathan Goodson

Cheryl (Lucy-Lu Slipps) - Anne-Marie Holloway

Tristram (Noel Pratt) - Aaron Gordon

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